Friday, May 31, 2013

Dresser Decor

Around the House Dresser Decor

Okay, so this is our secondary dresser in our room
We wanted it to put something on it so it didn't look so blah
But, we didn't want anything breakable or
anything that would bog up the dresser top and not 
give us room to set anything down on it. 

Here is what we came up with

I used left over fabric from our DIY Headboard and cut it to size.
I also spray painted that silver basket
because I would always lay my next day clothes on the dress
now I had some place to put them and it wouldn't look messy. 

I'll go over the shelf with bottles and the button frame below. 

Okay are you ready? 
Sure you are there is nothing to be ready for!

This Is The View From My Height

The View From My Husbands Height

The Simple Process:

1. I took old glass pop bottles that I saved
2. Spray painted them
3. Drew the letters G and J with puff paint

On the heart bottles:
1. I make a heart with Elmer's Glue
2. Dumped extra blue sand from our wedding on it
3. And shook it off and let dry.

Oh yeah and took some rocks and wrote/drew
whatever I wanted on them with a permanent marker 

Ta Da
Easy as Pie. 

Onto The Button Frame

This frame and the insides didn't turn out as easy and smooth 
as I planned, but it worked out okay. 

I just spray painted this old wooden frame sliver. 
And then glued buttons on the sides to cover imperfections on the frame.

In the inside is a picture from our honeymoon
And the heart is made from sand we collected on our honeymoon
Made the sand heart same way as on the bottles.

**Side note: I am a complete idiot and put the WRONG year 
on the picture, must of been newlywed brain. 

Final Project Again

May not be professional looking but looks better
than before!

Also cost about $3 tops
(due to the wall stickers) 

Friday, March 29, 2013

DIY Headboard

Super Easy DIY Headboard

Okay bare with me folks! 
This may have been an easy project, but
it can be slightly difficult to explain. 

Enjoy the picture below while I begin to ramble on about the making process. 

Click it to see it bigger and better!

Okay, so to start off...
1. We got a hunk of plywood/chipboard and cut it to size 
2. Accumulated some 1x4s and cut them to measure up to the board
3. Then we stapled those babies on there 
This step is shown below 

After the 1x4 border was stapled on the board...
1. We coated the upper half in foam 
(bought at Walmart for I forget how much)
2. We stapled that foam on there like nobody's business 
(We didn't do the bottom half because it would be unnecessary) 
This whole process is shown below 

The next step was to add the fabric...
1. Iron the fabric
2. Lay the fabric on the board and staple away
3. We started stapling the bottom of the fabric first
(the we could pull it tightly over the top and staple it there second
4. Staple everything into place 
5. Cut existing fabric off and do more stapling if needed. 

After this step...
1. My husband drilled two holes into each side of the headboard
(at the bottom so it would attach like a regular headboard)
2. Forgot to take a picture of this step
3. Then he put some bolts or nuts or something like that in the board
4. The "we" attached the headboard to the bed 
(just like you would attach any another headboard)
5. Don't ask me how "we" attached it
I think my husband did some magic on it or something

The finished product once again
The picture truly doesn't do justice,
 to how much it made a difference to our room

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Love Lamp

Mason Jar Love Lamp

My lamp I have here has 4 levels
I decided to decorate it will mason jars
I took 4 mason jars..
1 big
1 medium
1 small
& 1 even smaller.
I typed up each letter on a word document
making sure the letter had a border
 I printed each out on sticky paper
I cut out each letter and stuck them on 
I then filled the jars up with rose peddles we used at my wedding
&& Voila! 

The jars get smaller as they go down the lamp 
as you see below. :)

Important Dates

Love is in the air.

Okay since it was just Valentines Day... 
and it will soon be the mark of 1 year saying "yes" to my husbands proposal a love sign is in order.

This will be short and sweet. 

I got the idea of the dates from Pinterest
I just made everything look pretty with a program
Easy as pie! 
It hangs below a sign that says "LOVE" so perfect for us.
I love how personal and sweet this type of decor is
and oh so simple! 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Trash into Treasure..

Not Much Creativity Here.
Turning an old ugly black 4 foot spoon into a silver shiny one. 
Only spray paint needed, oooh! So tough! ;)

Not too much to say about this "project"
This was a white elephant gift at a christmas party we went to.
My dad wanted to strip it down to pure wood.
I saved him time and just painted it with good ol' silver spray paint. 

I always wanted one of those fancy big spoons
to hang on my kitcken wall
That you can find at Target or Hobby Lobby
However, those things are expensive! 
This was my cheap, lucky way of getting what I wanted. hah

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Homemade White Board.

My Homemade Reusable Wedding White Board. 
Here I created something for my wedding that would be useful afterwards. 

This is a regular old ugly picture frame with real glass. I just painted the frame red (one of our wedding colors) and the bought a nice glittery white paper for the inside. The words were written with a dry erase marker. However the effect of having it work white board only works if the glass is real. Plexi-glass and other fake glass, allows you write on it with dry ease marker but it is difficult to erase. 

This was the main purpose for the white board frame
My wedding guest book table. 

Above I have the Before picture, before any paint, new background color or nice writing was on it.
After picture is the finish product I used at my wedding by our guest book. (Second picture above)
And the Now picture is what I have in my home now. 

I am able to reuse the white board as something more suitable for my home. If I want to write something new all I have to do is erase just like a regular white board. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Wedding Creations

8.11.12 the day I married my best friend of four years.

We wanted our wedding to be fun and reflex our personalities  Something that when people thought back to the wedding they thought "wow that was unique and fun". From what I hear we accomplished our goal.
Everything you see here I created through an adobe program, the sheet was blank or canvas when I started.

Pinterest sparked some great ideas. 
Feel free to click the pictures for a better look!

Here is our wedding invitations.
When you opened the invite you tied a knot.
Everything you see was designed by me
excluding the blue heart background. 
my awesome husband helped pre-tie the knots, they had to be perfect 
or else it wouldn't make a knot when you opened it!

Our programs were also created by me
The design was very similar to the invites
I always hate trying to figure out which person is who in the bridal party,
so I made it easier and placed silhouettes in place of the bridal party 
I also added their name and relationship underneath each silhouette. 
The "Thank You" picture was our first picture together married, right off of the alter.
This picture was sent to everyone as a reminder of our wedding and a thanks. 
(We clearly purposely had the signs upside down, we're crazy)