Friday, May 31, 2013

Dresser Decor

Around the House Dresser Decor

Okay, so this is our secondary dresser in our room
We wanted it to put something on it so it didn't look so blah
But, we didn't want anything breakable or
anything that would bog up the dresser top and not 
give us room to set anything down on it. 

Here is what we came up with

I used left over fabric from our DIY Headboard and cut it to size.
I also spray painted that silver basket
because I would always lay my next day clothes on the dress
now I had some place to put them and it wouldn't look messy. 

I'll go over the shelf with bottles and the button frame below. 

Okay are you ready? 
Sure you are there is nothing to be ready for!

This Is The View From My Height

The View From My Husbands Height

The Simple Process:

1. I took old glass pop bottles that I saved
2. Spray painted them
3. Drew the letters G and J with puff paint

On the heart bottles:
1. I make a heart with Elmer's Glue
2. Dumped extra blue sand from our wedding on it
3. And shook it off and let dry.

Oh yeah and took some rocks and wrote/drew
whatever I wanted on them with a permanent marker 

Ta Da
Easy as Pie. 

Onto The Button Frame

This frame and the insides didn't turn out as easy and smooth 
as I planned, but it worked out okay. 

I just spray painted this old wooden frame sliver. 
And then glued buttons on the sides to cover imperfections on the frame.

In the inside is a picture from our honeymoon
And the heart is made from sand we collected on our honeymoon
Made the sand heart same way as on the bottles.

**Side note: I am a complete idiot and put the WRONG year 
on the picture, must of been newlywed brain. 

Final Project Again

May not be professional looking but looks better
than before!

Also cost about $3 tops
(due to the wall stickers) 

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